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T20 Led Bulb

Looking for a quality led bulb for your turn signal backup light? Don't search more than our auxito 7443 led bulbs, we offer a variety of colors and architectures to choose from, all of which are sterling for your needs. Plus, our 7441 white led bulbs are built to last, with a long lifespan and great color rendition.

T20 Led Bulb White

This is an 2 pc set of T20 led bulbs that replace the rear turn signal lightbulb on a car, the bulbs are color blue and provide best-in-class light for when you are turning a light on or off. The T20 led bulbs are made with 10 leds and mcu compatible, they produce reverse light with peerless color temperature for this backup light is excellent for when you need light during the dark of night. This T20 led brake turn signal tail light bulb for honda civic acura cl tl mdx is practical for when you need light in the dark, this bulb is powered by 7443 led cells, which make it environmentally friendly. It also imparts an easy-to-use controls, making it facile to use, this is an 7443 7440 T20 led 33 smd car turn signal light bulb. It is an 10 x white led 33 smd bulb, it is used in a car turn signal light and reverse lamp.