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R7s Led Bulb

If you're hunting for a led light bulb that can be dimmed wide open, then 78 mm 118 mm dimmable r7 s led cob bulb is the one for you! It renders capacity of 78 mm, and the widest field power of 118 mm, plus, it's a glass tube lamp, so you know that it's going to work well even in low light environments.

R7 Led Bulb

This is a lead bulb that is dimmable with a cob technology, it imparts a reach of 78 mm and 118 mm, and can be replaced with a halogen lamp. The peerless light for any situation, the r7 led flood light bulb is first-class for any occasion, with a width of 78 mm and a height of 118 mm, r7 s led 78 mm 118 mm 25 w 15 w 12 w 7 w dimmable bulb is top-grade for any event. The 12 w 16 w 2835 smd replacement halogen lamp is valuable for any occasion with its bright light and durable design, it is r7 s compatible and can be used with computers or lights. This led bulb is a little less than 18 mm in diameter, which is top-quality for use in small spaces, it is a dimmable bulb, so you can have it on at all times. The light it gives is really nice and it can be used for visibility or to get darkness when needed, this is a practical light for small spaces or anywhere that grants a computers need for light. This is a leads bulb that is dimmable, it renders an 78 mm diameter and is a dimmable led light. It extends a short (118 mm) length and is available in a black or white color.