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Philips H3 Led Bulb

Looking for led fog light bulbs that will convert to 3000 k yellow 55 don't search more than the Philips H3 cree led fog light bulbs! These bright, convertable led fog lights offer up to 3000 k color rendition and are fantastic for use in applications.

Cheap Philips H3 Led Bulb

Philips provides just released a new model in their vision plus line of ultra bright lights, this particular light is an 12336 light bulb, which is rated to light up your home up to 12, 000 square feet. It offers a warm, inviting colors and a fast dimming rate, this bulb is unrivalled for bedrooms, hallways, and other small spaces. You can also use it to light up your car dealership or other main room with best-in-class brightness, this is a conversion kit for Philips H3 led fog lights. It includes two led fog lights and a white 55 w bulb, the kit works with any Philips H3 led fog light. This kit includes philip's H3 csp led bulbs and a conversion kit for a variety of fog lights, the kit includes parts that are necessary to create led fog lights, such as light housings, bulb bodies, and caps. The kit also includes tips and resources for conversion, such as how to create your own led fog light kit, the Philips H3 led bulb kit is designed to provide high low beam power to your car. It includes 4 6000 k super bright white led lights, this bulb is valuable for driving on the open road. The kit also includes a friendly light interface.