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Par 36 Led Bulb

Are you scouring for a powerful, daylight clear high concentration led bulb? Don't search more than the vstar par36 led bulb, this bulb imparts an 15-watt rating and is bulb can light up to 18 inches from end to end. It is puissant for large or or any room that needs light, the par36 led bulb grants super concentration properties, making it a terrific surrogate for a variety of applications. It is additionally clear and high concentration property, making it top-rated for use in any room, whether you’re hunting for a led bulb or not, the par36 led bulb is a best-in-class choice.

Par 36 Led Bulbs

The Par 36 led bulbs is a top-of-the-heap set of led lights for the home or office, this set of led lights are 15 w light bulbs that can reach up to 2000 lm brightness. They are made of light-grip plastics and have a super bright light, these led lights are fantastic set for the home or the office because they can reach any level of brightness. The 12 volt Par 36 led bulb is a fantastic way for lovers who ache to create a led landscape light, this bulb is waterproof and gives aas low as 4 pack par36 led landscape light v 9 it is a beneficial way for businesses, home theaters, and other large projects. The par36 led landscape bulb is an 6 w 6000 k cool white v 700 lumens 36 w halogen led light bulb that provides first-rate lightness and it can power your green vegetables and trees with ease, this led landscape bulb is top-notch for powering many trees or plants. This is a par36 size led taxi bulb that can be used in an aircraft, the bulb is 12 vdc compatible and presents an 10-30 vdc output. The bulb is produced of plastic and gives a white color.