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Mini Led Bulb

Mini led bulb isincer h4 9003 led headlight bulbs conversion kit high low beam 6000k white 2x.



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Best Mini Led Bulb

This conversion kit includes two h1 led headlights that can be attached to a vehicle with a vehicle light. The kit also includes a 100w high-level bulb and a 6500k led light. The kit is easy to use and is perfect for converting from standard headlights to h1 led. this mini led bulb is a 4-sided led headlight kit that features a 1000000lm hilo beam power bulb. The kit comes with a headlight that has two lights, a headlight kit and screws. The headlight also has a light control for changing the colors. The kit also has a holiday design. thismini led bulb conversion kit for the ford f150 is designed to turn your lightampire into a high low beam mirror. The lightampire will have the ability to turn low or high on the level, making it perfect for both heavy cover and tight turns. The conversion will also switch the lightfoubters on and off, making it perfect for when you need an extra pair of eyes out there. the mini led bulb is a high-lightbulb style light. It is made of durable plastic and has a cool white cob light. It is a great choice for headlights with a high-end look.