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J Type Led Bulb

Looking for a led floodlight that is both dimmable and double ended? Search no more than the J Type led floodlight, this floodlight is a best-in-class way for or as an accent light. With 20 w power and 110 this flameless led floodlight is puissant for any job.

J118 Led Bulb

This is a work light that is designed to work with a led bulb, it is a double ended white light lamp that extends a glass tube design. The light can be set to flood or work, this 30 w led bulb is a beneficial substitute for a simple light in the night time. The led light is very bright and will give you a best-in-class light for this Type of led light can be used with an 3 J Type light bulb or a r7 sj Type lightbulb, the r7 sj Type is more popular and is better known for its look and features. The led bulbs are practical surrogate for your next project, these are dimmable with a width of 78 mm, 118 mm, 12 25 w and are made of ceramic materials. The Type of light bulb is rp, this is a lead light that we can use to see in our house that is thrive with led lights. This is a dimmable led light that is fabricated out of durable plastic that will last long, this led light is manufactured out of r7 s Type technology that is a dimmable led light that can be turned off or on as needed. It is enticing for any room in your home.