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High Lumen Candelabra Led Bulb

Looking for a led bulb that can deliver 12 pack 650 Lumen Candelabra led bulbs in 60 w equivalent? Look no further than our 60 w Candelabra led bulb set, this set of Candelabra led bulb set can give you up to 12% lightspeed when you buy it.

100 Watt Led Bulb Candelabra Base

The 650 Lumen 6 w flame tip Candelabra led bulbs are top-of-the-line for home decorating or for use in a led light up party game, with 6 w equivalent power and an 6" diameter, this Candelabra led bulb is sensational for making a statement in your home or in use as part of a led light up party game. This Candelabra led bulb extends a power that can be controlled with the included remote, additionally, this Candelabra led bulb is 60 w equivalent and can be using in a home or office with an 60 w outlet. The e12 led bulb is a high-lumens led bulb that is designed for use in led light bars, led lightbulbs, and led light increasing applications, this led bulb is manufactured white glass and imparts a g4 g9 e12 e14 base. The led bulb is using a cool warm white light color and extends an 100 watt equivalent, the led bulb is capable of withstanding High energy levels. These High lumens Candelabra led bulb are first rate way for a small home add-on or standalone light, they have a12 v cool warm white light color and have an 10 watt max. These bulbs are also popular for their affordable price, this High Lumen Candelabra led bulb is a top-grade surrogate for either home security or light use. It extends a clear filament Candelabra base led bulb that provides an impressively High Lumen rating of 25 watts, the power cord is further relatively short, making it effortless to take with you anywhere. This candlelady-made bulb is in like manner water and dust resistant, making it ideal for use in rain or snow.