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Green Led Bulbs

Introducing the newest addition to our green led bulb line-up! This 194 168 2825 led license plate lights bulb is white, red, and blue, perfect for any project! And it works with all vehicle designs and clock sizes. So whether you're looking to buy one for your car or your business, we've got you covered!

Green Led Bulbs Amazon

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Cheap Green Led Bulbs

These green led bulbs are a high quality and efficient option for speedometers and cluster dash lights. They use 5050-smd led chips which are available in both 6 and 10 lamp types. The clusterdash light features are also available with this led speedometer lamp. These bulbs are easy to use and you can control the lamp's power with a standard pluger. this is a new, undamaged green t10 194 led bulbs instrument panel gauge cluster dash light socket. It is used in your vehicle and is designed to be used with aa rearview mirror or a sunroof. The green led bulbs light up to 10% more than standard led lights and deliver clear light that can see down the road. With the led bulbs light, you can see a detailed map of the area around you. The led bulbs light is also adjustable to fit any vehicle size. our green led bulbs are perfect for your dash indicator cluster. With our kit you can purchase a green led bulb for your 99-03 ford f250 truck. Our kit includes a green led bulb, a glass wall and screws to cover the bulb. Our bulbs are perfect for a new truck or one that has a indicator cluster. Our lights are a great addition to your truck and will make your truck look more important. looking for a new dashboard gauge? look no further than the new green led bulbs for the toyota 4runner 3rd gen. These bulbs are a great fit for the car and truck. With a simple switch, this kit allows you to monitor key performance metrics like fuel economy, "satisfaction" and more.