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G8 Led Bulb 100w Equivalent

G8 led bulbs is a new and different led flashlight kit that offers 2 x the power of h8 and h9 led flashlight bulbs, this led flashlight kit includes an 100 w h8 led bulb and an 100 w h9 led bulb. It also includes a light and fog light.

G8 Led Bulb 100w Equivalent Amazon

The G8 led bulb is an 100 watt Equivalent of the well-known cree led headlights, it comes with a fog light and makes use of the 2 x c8 mhs. The led bulb is suitable for use in headlight applications as well as headlights and sunglasses, the 100 watt Equivalent is due to the fact that it is supplier's cycle life and efficiency that is considered. This bulb is manufactured of variations of h8, h9, h11, and h16 materials that have a diamond-like wedding band finish, it features a high quality, durable, and long-lasting performance. It features a new, 8 x h8 h9 h11 h16 6000 k diamond w 100 w led cree headlight bulb kit, this kit comes with a fog light, mirror, and baton. The bulb is compatible with vehicles that have * honda civic, accord, and challenger with h8 and h9 led lights, this led bulb is fabricated of 100% cree® led and provides an 6000 k white color. It can light up your room in an alternative that is unrivaled, it is in like manner sensational for fogging up the surrounding with a fogger film.