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E11 Led Bulb

We are top selling led account with over 10, 000 satisfied customers, we offer 2-10 pcs led E11 white led corn bulb lamp light 120 v ac us shipping. Our led light bulbs are made with high quality and special materials that ensure excellent performance, we offer a wide range of led lights for everyone, whether you need a basic light or a high-quality light that is durable and durable light. We also offer a wide range of accessory lights for your next event or decor, our led lights are made with the latest technology and are sure to make your event or decor look great.

E11 Led Bulb 75w Equivalent

E11 led bulb is an equivalent bulb to the popular leds found in restaurants, hotels, and other large, public area restaurants, this led bulb is manufactured of high quality materials and will add a touch of warmth to room. The E11 led bulb is powered by a h4 x power cord and weighs only 2 pounds, this is an 2 pcs E11 led bulb. It comes with an 9 w 110 v 102-2835 smd ceramics lamp, these led lights are sensational for ceilings and are outstanding for fans or lights. This 6 pcs E11 mini base led light bulb is fantastic for attaching to your within a room with a six-carat sapphire light glass, this led light bulb is based on the E11 solutions® light control technology and offers a power curve: the bulb extends a standard power curve of 60 w throughout the life of the bulb. This is a miniature candelabra led bulb, it is produced of durable materials and will last long in your ceiling. It gives two-year warranty, you can control its light with an 3-watt light bulb.