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Direct Wire 4ft Led Bulbs

Direct drive tube 12, 5 w led bulbs - 4 ft. Direct Wire shatter proof, t8 led bulbs is the latest and most popular type of led tube light. Because of its popularity, t8 led bulbs are have high production values, they are made ofhigh-strength competition between then standard led tubes. Because of this, t8 led bulbs are often used in advertising, in product launches, and as general led lights.

Direct Wire 4ft Led Bulbs Amazon

The Direct drive tube for the keystone t8 led bulbs is top-notch for shoppers with smaller homes or needs, they features 4 ft of light output with 12. 5 watts of power, additionally, the Direct drive tube makes these bulbs effortless to light up and produce the best results. The direct-wire led series is a sterling alternative for suitors searching for 4-ft, leds that are dimmable in 120 vac, 5 and 1-2 watts. These lights come with an 3-year warranty, making them ideal for busy businesses or homes with large numbers of customers, Direct Wire is a high-quality, bi-metal Wire that provides been designed to provide the best performance and quality possible. It is finished in a bi-metal style that is both attractive and durable, this Wire is unrivalled for use in deep end sports, commercial, and industrial applications. This product is a direct-wired led light bar that connects to your home's power outlet, when on the go, keep your eyes focused on the screen and your hands-free by using these 4-foot-long led lights. The d-series light bar series is designed to keep you lit up while you work, learn or gaming.