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D2r Led Bulb

Introducing the perfect solution for those with led headlights that start going out. D2r, d4r, d2s, d4s, d3s, d2s, or d1s led bulbs. We carry xenon replacement bulbs from all of the brands you would expect from a quality led light show. Whether you are looking for a spare light or a new set,

D2r Led Bulbs

Looking for a quality, affordable and long lasting led bulb? look no further than the 2k led bulb. These bulbs are designed to last for up to 20, 000 hours, meaning they will continue to work after being used for over 16, 000 hours.

Cheap D2r Led Bulb

The d2r conversion kit includes the powerful d2s and d2r sensors, which are used to control your headlights. The kit also includes a hid xenon light, which is designed to be even more efficient than the regular light. This conversion is perfect for those who want to update their headlights without investing in a large purchase. looking for a led bulb that is compatible with your car's lights? look no further than the d2s d2r led headlight bulb. This bulb is a great replacement for hid xenon super white 6000k conversion kit. This led bulb is compatible with all volkswagen, audi, and porsche cars. this is a developing story. a++ stock and affordable d2s and d2r led bulbs for conversions. This 6000k kit includes a custom headlight plug and play for your car. You can also order the associated drivers and adapters if you’re a powersupply customer. this is a great opportunity to get great gear for your car for only $129. That’s right, only $129. 99 for this++ stock and affordable d2s and d2r led bulbs. this 6000k kit also includes a 20a outlet and modular wiring so you can adapt to the specific car you’reumbing. the d2r and d4r led bulbs have different characteristics. The d2r led bulbs are designed with a longer life and higher efficiency as well as the d4r led bulbs being more efficient in the dark. This conversion kit will allow you to replace the hid xenon light bulb with a d2r led bulb.