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9012 Led Bulb

Introducing the 9012 led headlight conversion kit! This kit enables you to add 2400 w 360000 lm high-light led headlights to your car, they are 6500 light emitters that produce incredible power when turned on. The kit also includes an 6800 low-light emitter and plate to complete the look of your headlights, this product is sure to make your car look like expert.

Hir2 Led Bulb

The hir2 led bulb is a high-low beam bulb that features an 6500 k hue and a high efficiency rating of 80%, this bulb is dandy for flashlight applications or led headlights. The led headlight kit includes 6500 k hue hir2 led bulb, 6 w high-low ck, and the required lamp, the hir2 led bulb is available in black and white. The brightest 9012 led bulbs is a conversion kit that includes a hir2 led headlight conversion and low beam conversion, the kit allows you to have a high beam and low beam light. It is a best-in-class set for driving in the night, this led headlight bulb is a terrific way for cars with high beam and low beam lights. It presents an 16000 lm rating and can run for up to 16000 lm, the fit is good and it is well-made. The led light is bright and clear, this led headlight bulb is a good way for cars with high beam and low beam lights. The super bright 9012 led headlight kit bulb high low beam white hir2 100 will light up your car with just a little light, this product is a must have for an individual that needs light in the car. The led bulbs are accurate and high quality, and will turn a dark car into a light car in just a few minutes of power on.