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9006 Led Bulb 8000k

The 9006 led bulb is a cool blue color and comes with a combo headlight kit. This bulb is compatible with all 9000 and 8000k led combos. It offers high and low beam capabilities with 800 and 0. 5 w personalizaabilitiy.

9006 Led Bulb 8000k Target

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Cheap 9006 Led Bulb 8000k

This is a 9006 led bulb which is also known as an "8000k led bulb. " it is a high power led bulb that was designed to supplement standard led headlights. This 9006 led bulb is available in a variety of colors and weights only. It is perfect for vehicles with high power led headlights, such as the chevy silverado 1500 2500hd 3500 1999-2006 and the ford taurus 3200. the 9005 led headlights kit combo bulbs 8500k high low beam super bright blue is a great set for those with aftermarket headlights that need a little more light for driving. The kit includes a blue light bulb and 2 screws. our 9006 led bulb is a high quality, 8000k led bulb that is perfect for headlights on a chevy silverado 1500 2500hd 3500 1999-2006. The bulb is easy to light and has a beautiful red and orange color. these headlights have 8000 led lights that turn on and off to varying degrees of brightness. The headlamps are also fog lights which will help keep you nice and visibility. The headlamps also have a keyfob which can be used to for security or for restricting access to the car.