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9006 Led Bulb 6000k

This is a good low cost led fog light kit that can help keep you by the lights all the time. Thehigh low beam bulb is made of glass and made to be more consistent in its light than other led fog lights on the market. It is also non-toxic and has a long life time.

Best 9006 Led Bulb 6000k

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9006 Led Bulb 6000k Amazon

This is acold weather, daily use, marker light hybrid led headlight fog kit. The kit includes two led lights, a headlamp type light, and a harness. The kit is perfect for the h11 combination vehicle. The led lights can light up from- dark or dark night. The headlamp type light is perfect for night driving. The fog kit can be used with the h11 light or without the light. The fog kit is a must have for any ccr4313 powered vehicle. the 9006 led bulb is a6000ee's top choose for headlights. This kit includes a 14"h13 led light bulb and a 2400w h13 led light bulb. The led light bulb is compatible with all type of vehicles, including the 1998-2009 and up vehicles. the 9006 led bulb is a combo headlight kit that includes a 4pcs 9005 led bulb and a 10gtv led bulb. The kit is designed to improve safety during driving by using two 9006 led bulbs in each corner of the car. this is a 4-sides combo white 6000k led headlight kit that we can use with any jeep 4-speed. The kit comes with a headlight and the appropriate tools to get started. We can use the headlight to see in the dark or in bright weather. The kit also includes a cables, a plastic cover to protect the light and a white cover to protect the light.