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567 Led Bulb

This is an 561 562 567 led light bulb that imparts a rigidity to it, the led light bulb is from and is fabricated of rigid loop. It extends a light up time of about 2200 hours, this is a valuable bulb for a new home or office.

567 Led Bulb Ebay

Our 567 led bulbs are fantastic surrogate for a license light or panic light, they are also an unequaled addition to your home office. Our lights are white 6000 k color and have a small hole in the middle for basic on/off, our lights are uncomplicated to close up and are good for large areas. This led bulb is an 4 x 44 mm cob rigid loop festoon led light bulb, it comes with a plastic cover that does not have any protection for the bulb itself. The led light bulb is very bright and it is top for use in light-based applications such as restaurants, restaurants, theaters, and other public areas, this 567 led bulb is a top-of-the-line addition to your home's up- this 561 led bulb is a rigid loop festoon light bulb made of 14 color protection plastic. It provides an 44 mm cob rigidity loop and is manufactured of 561 leds, the light bulb imparts a green color and is powered by an 6 v battery.