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500 Lumen Led Bulb

Introducing the newest addition to our 500 lumens led bulb line- up, the 500 Lumen led bulb is exquisite for admirers who desiderate the latest green technology. This led bulb is equipped with the latest energy star performance design, giving you 7-watt lumens without the need for upgrade upgrade, with a base energy star finish, 10 x t10 24-smd car led bulb is practical for any green-hued home. Memoire: the 500 Lumen led bulb is available in 7-watt sizes and features an energy star finish.

Led Bulb

Our led bulb is an 500 watt equivalent that can power up to 6500 lumens, this bulb is puissant for heated or bright areas. It presents a cool daylight look that will complement any decor, our led bulbs are some of the most powerful and efficient lights in the market. With their 500 Lumen rating, these bulbs are sure to light up your room, with this type of power, we guarantee that you'll be able to see clearly in the dark. Our led bulb is an 2 pack of 500 watt equivalent led corn light bulb, you can use super bright 500 lumens 578 led bulb is in any room where led lights are used, such as businesses, schools, and more. This bulb grants a large area that can light up your room, the 500 Lumen led bulb is a beneficial way for any light needs. It imparts a high brightness and can run for 500 watts which is more than enough to power your needs, the medium base makes it straightforward to understand and maintain, and the high quality finish makes it durable.