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3w Led Bulb

Our 3 w led bulb is best-in-the-class for bulbs or fixtures with.

3 Led Bulbs

This is an 3 led bulb capsule lamp that we can replace halogen bulbs for our ac/dc lights, the led light emitting from an 3 led bulb capsule lamp is ultralite glass that is uncomplicated to operate with a single hand. The capsula lamp presents a life of 3 use and is durable for years of use, the spotlight can see small sizes down to 0. It extends a life time of 10 years from the battery and can’t be recycled, the e27 3 w rgb led lamp bulb is an unrivaled alternative for enthusiasts who grove on the color changing features of led lights. This lamp bulb imparts a three-color change option, which makes it straightforward to chooses the right light for your home, the wireless remote control will let you control the light from your home or office. This 6-pack of e26 led bulbs bulb 3 w 2700 k 250 lumens is first-class for people who are searching for a bulb that can in light and life, with technology and a three-wattage power brick, e26 led light bulb is outstanding brightness and light up rating. These onions are made of top quality materials and will provide your home with the best light quality.