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250w Equivalent Led Bulb

Our led light bulb is the perfect solution for your energy saving needs. With a 18-carat gold and 25-degrees- kelvin light color, this bulb is perfect for any property or interior design project. Easily add just a few minutes of energy use and save even more in the long term, with our 250w equivalent.

250w Equivalent Led Bulb Ebay

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250w Equivalent Led Bulb Amazon

This sanitize bulb is 18" tall, it has a 6" widebyn shade and it is packed with 8 light-up-anywhere bulbs. The bulb is made with an energy-efficient light source that can power your home's air conditioning, heating, and lights. This led light bulb is also temper-able, so you can set it to start shining at all hours of the day. the sanitationefficient led light bulb is a high quality led light bulb that can save you money in the long term. This led light bulb has a bulb size of 250 watt equivalence. It can provide lighting up to 18, 000 square feet. It also has aecuadorian coc standard. This led light bulb is perfect for home improvement, commercial, or even home cleaning tasks. the sylvania ultra led night chaser is a perfect light on the go bulb that delivers 250 watts of power. It has a standard lens for better light distribution and is backed by our quality warranty. This bulb is perfect for those who want the best light they can get! the high watt led bulbs 250w-300w equivalentled bulb is a great choice for anyone that wants quality and performance. This led bulb is soft white, which makes it perfect for any type of home or office. The led bulb has a power usage of around 250 watts, which makes it perfect for small spaces.