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2400 Lumen Led Bulb

This 2400 Lumen led bulb is top-grade for use as a backup light in an emergency, it extends a common name and is from an old familiar product. We stock all the materials you need to make this light up, 2400 Lumen led bulbs are first-class alternative for use in a store.

Best 2400 Lumen Led Bulb

Our 2400 lm led backup light bulbs are made with an extra large colour temperature of 3157 and are reverse backup lights that come with a white sup the 2400 Lumen led bulb is an enticing alternative for a broken down or those who traveling, it presents a very bright light and with most light bulbs. It also imparts a reverse back up light, which makes it exceptional for brake lamps, this is an 24000 Lumen led bulb that extends a reverse light and parking brake. It can be used for headlights, turn signals, and tail lights, it provides an 7443 led sensor and the backup light comes with a turn signal. This bulb is practical for the car or truck, this is an 2400 lumens led bulb. It renders a vibrant red color and is designed to turn a parking lot into a living room, it blinks when it's on and grants a brake tail light that shows up's on the side of the car. It is top-rated for a personal car.