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118mm Led Bulb

Mm led bulb is a sensational way for people who need a light bulb that is dimmable, the bulb is available in various heights and colors to suit any lighting needs.

118mm Led Bulb Ebay

The r7 s led cob light bulb is an outstanding alternative for individuals who itch for light without any features description that will be legible, this led cob light is lite and fixed with a screw onhanger for straightforward installation. The bulb is able to through the degrees range of light from 78 mm to 12 the glass tube is able to last for years with its high-quality warranty, this is a bright and parsimonious led light bulb family. It's made with 2835 smd 78 mm 118 mm led light bulbs and they work with 12 w or 16 w power, this halogen light bulb is an enticing alternative for lovers who desiderate to light up their house with their favorite led light bulb. This is a lead-free bulb that is powered energy saving lightbulb charger, the lead-free quality and power of 78 mm 118 mm dimmable r7 s led cob bulb is make it a better surrogate for suitors who are environmentally conscious. The 118 mm led bulb is conjointly dimmable up to 78 mm and grants a life expectancy of up to 3 years, this led flood light bulb is a top-notch substitute for any setting where you need a bright light. The 78 mm size is top-of-the-heap for any size home or office, this led flood light bulb as well compatible with 12 16 2835 smd standards. This led flood light bulb imparts a lifespan of 12 years and is compatible with both wires and connectors.